Go Beyond ® Collection Agency Inc. Now Offers In-House Tenant Calls


Hamilton, July 11, 2017 – Go Beyond ® Collection Agency offers in-house collection calls to PMs and Landlords. The TenantCall+ service had its debut with three pilot clients in January, March and May and is now part of the standard Go Beyond package suite.

With the new Rental Fairness Act it is increasingly difficult to hold tenants liable for losses. As a result landlords are now moving to in-house solutions to control losses at an earlier stage.

“Our service is in response to our clients requesting an affordable in-house solution” says CEO Greg Maitinsky. “Most site staff are busy maintaining buildings and have no time for door knocking. That or they are not keen on confronting tenants for overdue rent.” TenantCall+ increases building revenues by:

  • Maintaining timely contact with late paying tenants,
  • Reducing avoidable legal costs,
  • Avoiding the N4 lease break loophole and
  • Freeing up site staff

The cost is minimal compared to commissions paid for collections on delinquent ex-tenants:

  • Pre N4 Calls → $10 / account / month
  • Post N4 Calls → $15 / account / month
  • Pre-Eviction Calls → $20 / account / month

Tenants are contacted by a rotation of phone calls, emails and text messages.

All three pilot campaigns saw an average 57% reduction of delinquent collections accounts for a price that was a fraction of the usual cost for legal, eviction and collection activity. Details of the program and the downloadable brochure are available here:



Go Beyond ® Collection Agency Inc. is the industry leader in Rent Recovery, one of a handful of agencies specialized in collecting from current and past due tenants and the only one providing Collection ® Transparency. Based out of Hamilton, Ontario the company now assists most of the key Owners, Managers and REITs in the Canadian market.



Greg Maitinsky
CEO, Go Beyond ® Collection Agency Inc.
Tel: 905.546.8600
Email: greg@gobeyondcollect.com


Annalice Higgins
VP Sales, Go Beyond ® Collection Agency Inc.
Tel: 905.546.1212 x 255
Email: annalice@gobeyondcollect.com