Go Beyond ® Introduces PTO Menses Policy

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HAMILTON, July 13, 2016 – Go Beyond ® Collection Agency is introducing a unique Paid Time-Off Menses Policy for its female work-force. Effective late June 2016 staff members at Go Beyond are entitled to a PTO day off on a monthly basis. Go Beyond is following in the footsteps of UK based Coexist and its own “Period Policy”.

“Most of our team members are women” says company CEO Greg Maitinsky. “Some argue that this is actually a form of male discrimination. I just think it make sense.” “We are hoping that by being a Canadian First we can spread the idea that it is all right and acceptable to care about your own well-being and still be a positive asset to the company and the team.”

Studies suggest that 80 to 90 percent of women experience menstrual pains during the month, some of these being debilitating. Allowing staff members to take a breather when they could otherwise be partially or fully ineffective has actually been proven to make economic sense. In a stressful environment such as collection agency mental and physical health can deteriorate easily.

Go Beyond ® members who feel the need to utilize this benefit are now able to provide the HR manager with this reason should they feel that their period is interfering with their work. Further development of the program will include complimentary ‘day of return’ health supplements and referrals to specialist upon request.

Go Beyond ® Collection Agency Inc. is the industry leader in Rent Recovery, one of three agencies specialized in collecting from tenants and the only one providing Collection ® Transparency. Based out of Hamilton, Ontario the company now handles most of the key firms in the market.



Greg Maitinsky
CEO, Go Beyond ® Collection Agency Inc.
Tel: 905.546.1212
Email: greg@gobeyondcollect.com