Go Beyond ® Collection Agency Inc. and Groundworks Team Up for Nationwide Legal Collection Solution

Go Beyond™ Groundworks Legal Services

Go Beyond™ Groundworks Legal Services


Hamilton, November 1, 2017 – Go Beyond ® Collection Agency is partnering with Groundworks Realty Services Firm to bring Landlords, PM-s and REIT-s an uninterrupted collection solution all the way from issuing N4-s through the eviction process and collections to Small Claims Court executions.

The key to maximizing financial returns on delinquent tenant portfolios is to diligently cover off all bases the minute tenants fall into arrears. Such diligence is especially necessary with the advent of new tenant-empowering legislation.

“We have had tremendous results with ‘just’ collections,” according to Greg Maitinsky, CEO of Go Beyond “yet we are constantly seeking better ways with which we can increase efficiencies for our clients. This is one of them!”

Groundworks will integrate seamlessly with Go Beyond to allow for uninterrupted account flow from the moment a delinquency occurs. Go Beyond clients will now have access to:

  • In-House Collection calls
  • Pre-Collection Landlord Tenant Legal Activity including notices and evictions
  • Standard Collection activity
  • Post-Collection Small Claims court executions

These services can be used separately or as a complete package. For more details see:



Go Beyond ® Collection Agency Inc. is the industry leader in Rent Recovery, one of a handful of agencies specialized in collecting from current and past due tenants and the only one providing Collection ® Transparency. Based out of Hamilton, Ontario the company now assists most of the key Owners, Managers and REITs in the Canadian market.


Groundworks Realty Services Firm is based in Toronto Ontario and harnesses the synergies of a team of vetted Canadian legal experts delivering high caliber work with fast turnaround times and on budget. In addition to the above services Groundworks offers standard lease abstraction service, lease analysis, lease creation and tenant estoppel certificates.



Greg Maitinsky
CEO, Go Beyond ® Collection Agency Inc.
Tel: 905.546.1212 x 101
Email: greg@gobeyondcollect.com


Natalka Falcomer JD, CLO
Founder, Managing Partner, Groundworks
Tel: 888-707-2228
Email: natalka@groundworksfirm.com