Go Beyond ® CEO Completes 26km Marathon Swim


Hamilton, August 18, 2017 – At Go Beyond ® Collection Agency we truly try to go beyond in everything that we do.

In this spirit our CEO, Greg Maitinsky completed one of the longest distance swim races in the world, the Sri Chimnoy Marathon Swim.

After years of rigorous training, Greg swam the Rapperswil to Zurich distance of 26.4km in 8 hours and 14 minutes placing 4th in his field.

“It was without doubt the hardest thing I have ever done” Greg recalls. It truly sounds like it was a major challenge. After a great start Greg got seasick due to chop and waves two hours and thirty in. This would have been enough for anyone to call it quits, but he continued swimming. Despite not being able to take on any more nourishment for the rest of the event, Greg clocked in at the finish with a smile!

“I was shaking like crazy when I climbed out. I think it was hypothermia and low blood sugar. Insane, but fun!”

Greg credits his hard work and mental preparation for his success. “I also could not have done this without my family, colleagues and clients. Everyone tolerated that at certain times of the day – for extended periods – I was not available either in person or by phone. All because I was in the pool training.”

Greg is hoping to make an attempt at an even longer distance next year at Lac St. Jean in Quebec.



Greg Maitinsky
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