Go Beyond ® Collection Consultancy Launched

Go Beyond Consultancy

Hamilton, September 25, 2018 – Go Beyond ® Collection Agency is launching its new revenue consultancy offering. The service is aimed at assisting REIT-s, PM-s and landlords with in-house revenue generation, healthy A/R maintenance practices and agency tested recovery efforts.

Increasing tenants’ rights are rendering the landlord-tenant space more and more hostile to landlords. This makes rent collection more and more difficult. Sole dependence on outsourced collection agencies is no longer enough.

Go Beyond Consultancy offers solutions under the following headings:

  • Rent collection training for in-house collection staff
  • Rent collection training for superintendents and property managers
  • Revenue recovery consultancy for management
  • A/R maintenance practices consultancy for management

“Offering great units to tenants is extremely difficult. It eats up a lot of resources and energy on behalf of the landlord. Collecting the rent due on these assets is even more cumbersome. We are here to help.”


Go Beyond ® Collection Agency Inc. is the industry leader in Rent Recovery, one of a handful of agencies specialized in collecting from current and past due tenants and the only one providing Collection ® Transparency. Go Beyond now assists a lion’s share of key Owners, Managers and REITs in the Canadian market.



Greg Maitinsky
CEO, Go Beyond ® Collection Agency Inc.
Tel: 905.546.1212 x 101
Email: greg@gobeyondcollect.com